On Site Trainings


We offer onsite workshops and seminars.  Content and time can be customized to meet your needs.  



Interactive and pre-recorded webinars can be designed to meet your unique situations.



Face to face and web-based consultations are available to examine client and instructor needs. Consultations can help generate service plans and delivery methods.  

Featured Presentations

  • AAC for Families/AAC at Home
  • Getting Started with AAC
  • Aided Language Stimulation-at home, school and in the community
  • Incorporating AAC in academic outcomes
  • Building an AAC Vocabulary
  • Getting Buy-In for AAC
  • Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices
  • Customizable Sessions to Meet Your Needs

What our participants have said...

Unlimited Possibilities


Let us help you discover possibilities for your students!

“Such a motivating presentation. I want my colleagues to watch this and see the amazing results collaboration and planning can generate.”

“Angie and Nicole gave great suggestions for getting started on this AAC race! The collaboration tips were extremely helpful.”

“Thank you for sharing your extraordinary skills and sincere enthusiasm! Exciting to see what's possible!”

“Wonderful information! Will change how I work with students.”

“Thanks for sharing your resources and giving so many useful day-to-day tips.”

“GREAT session! Would love for it to be longer because I feel that they had a lot more to talk about!”


Our Speak UP Teachers Pay Teachers store offers a variety of support materials to assist teachers, therapists, and parents as they are utilizing Core Vocabulary and AAC in academic acquisition.